What Next for the Verizon NBN Deal?

verizon nbn deal

By: NexTel Australia

August 27, 2019

What does the Verizon NBN deal mean for Australia?

The newly inked Verizon NBN deal means that NBN will have a direct route to Verizon’s existing large business and government clients for their Enterprise Ethernet service.

Whilst Verizon is a major US telco, in Australia it is a relatively small participant and focuses solely on enterprise and government, despite being here for almost 20 years. Competitors have long been eying Verizon and it now looks like it is positioning itself to dramatically increase market share. Interestingly Verizon, that commenced its partner program in 2016, now appears in talks with it’s channel community regarding the resale of it’s high end, secure services to be delivered via the Verizon NBN deal.

What does this mean for NBN?

For NBN, the Verizon NBN deal is also set to boost NBN Co’s drive into enterprise communications, and continuing it’s business and government plans first launched almost two years ago. With this agreement, NBN Co add Verizon to an existing list of resellers that include Telstra, TPG and Vocus. If this is also considered with the existing NBN Co and Cisco partnership, NBN Co now has and extremely solid approach to the enterprise communications market.

What does this mean for NexTel?

NexTel are already able to offer NBN’s Enterprise Ethernet Service to their existing or new customers. Enterprise Ethernet is a product designed for high end users who need high levels of speed, performance and reliability when moving their vital data.

All Enterprise Ethernet plans from NexTel include:

  • Dedicated NBN fibre to your sites*
  • Persistence – No slow down in busy periods
  • The Speed You Need – Speeds from 10Mbps – 1Gbps
  • Help is at Hand – Fast Australian support

Our NBN plans also include excellent call features.

  • Exchange Based Routing – automatically direct inbound calls to the nearest store of office based on the callers location.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – A custom voice menu invites the caller to input a selection, allowing them to self-direct their call to specific departments within the company.
  • Post Code Prompting – The caller is greeted by a voice message inviting them to enter their postcode. Once entered our routing engine will transfer that call to the store or office that serves that area.
  • Call Evaluation – Improve the performance of your team with call evaluation. At the conclusion of every call an online form will prompt the user to input information which can be reviewed by the business or by a 3rd party.
  • Time Based Routing – Direct incoming calls automatically to any answer point during specific times or dates, programmable one year in advance.
  • Call Outcome – Discover the ROI each sales call with call outcome. At the end of each sales call the team member is prompted to input the result of the call.

* subject to availability

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