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By: NexTel Australia

September 29, 2019

Professional Fibre Installers

Are you an IT business or cabler that doesn’t really specialise in fibre? Do you use a fibre installer that is not completely up to date with the latest do’s and don’ts or what’s hot? We hear some horror stories about badly performing fibre cables or installation problems that could simply have been avoided by getting the right fibre installer in the first place.

Not all Fibre Installers are Equal

Until 2014, there were no specific endorsements or training that registered cable installers needed to have to be able to install fibre optic cabling. After that date, you needed the training to get registered. However, there was never  requirement for existing registered cables to get the training Рso there are plenty of businesses out there that are not fully up to date with developments in this very complicated field.

It’s Hard to Know Who to Trust

Many fibre installers are providing this service as part of a larger company that may also provide services such as IT or networking support. The last thing you want as an IT company is to introduce a competitor into one of your customers’ sites. You need a fibre installer that will give great advice, a competitive price and give you support for just what your require. It also helps if that company can provide more support with connectivity between sites, or more detailed cabling service – such as structured cabling.

Get to Know NexTel

At NexTel, we know fibre. We’ve been installing it for decades and we stay ahead of our competition by ensuring our technical staff are completely up to date with the latest improvements in the field.

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