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How to Transfer a Phone System to VOIP from ISDN

By: NexTel Australia

October 14, 2019

Still on ISDN? How to Transfer Your Phone System to VOIP

The NBN is dramatically improving internet communications in Australia. There are great benefits at many levels. From a medium to large business perspective, faster and more reliable Internet services mean that staff are able to easily work remotely and from many different locations enabling cloud services for phone, email, file sharing and more.

The new NBN network is displacing old PSTN and ISDN services and they will soon be phased out. The old analog “copper line" has had its day. ISDN was a real watershed for communications but that technology was introduced back in 1986 – and in this very fast moving part of telecommunications – it’s very last century! One very valuable thing that ISDN allowed was the ability to have multiple lines coming into a business on a single cable. NBN also allows the same thing, but instead of just voice and slow internet, NBN allows very high speed internet and on-demand lines for voice and video – all on a single cable. And as more services are made available on the cloud, having bandwidth on demand is becoming crucial for businesses of all sizes.

Putting your phone system in the cloud

Cloud phone services simply use the internet to connect. There are simply no separate lines needed (so no additional costs). Instead of an expensive PABX system on site, all the processing power of the system is available in the cloud. All your staff need is an internet connection – whether shared on your office site or on their mobile phone or laptop/tablet.

Features such as hunt groups, queues, auto-attendant and the like can all be switched on or off as needed – by your service provider instead of having to call a technician in to make changes to your on-premises system.

Some features that can be available are:

  • Call recording, extension dialling, auto attendant and ring groups
  • Video meetings and web conferencing
  • A single communication system for all employees across multiple locations on any device
  • Significant savings on what you are paying now

A cloud-based phone system can also have a larger impact on your medium to large business. Your workforce becomes better connected and more productive – and when more of them engage with more of your customers in real-time, your service standards improve.

A cloud based phone system is also highly scalable. As your business needs change, more locations can be opened and adding  remote workers simply takes a phone call. Existing legacy PABX systems cannot compete either from a cost or flexibility point of view.

Your business gains agility and flexibility – along with connectivity at the click of a button. Integration with your company’s CRM system is also made very easy.

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