How Innovative Communications Solutions Can Help Busy

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By: NexTel Australia

July 14, 2019

The world is changing. The way we communicate has been transformed and the world of work is adapting to new technology. We wanted to learn more about how people’s working lives have changed, and their frustrations with technology that hasn’t quite caught up, so we launched a targeted research campaign to learn more.

Our research surveyed over 2000 service sector employees to better understand the ways in which the world of work is changing and how communications service providers could provide products and tools that could help them reclaim their time.

An increasingly mobile workforce Workers are no longer tied to their desks and jobs are becoming much less office-based. Our survey found that a third of the workers spend more than four hours away from their desk during their working day. With 18% away for eight hours or more, a significant number of service sector workers are completely mobile.

We wanted to find out just how productive employees are during this time away from their desk. Do they find they are catching up on missed work when they are back at the office? Are they continuing their jobs on the move? And, more importantly, do they

have the tools they need to do their work effectively?

Cohesive communications Dubber are always looking for ways to help people to manage their communications and make the most of every phone call. We were interested to find that over a quarter of all workers we surveyed make more than five business calls a week while mobile, and a tenth do the majority of their business calls on the move. With all these conversations taking place away from a desk, a keyboard, and a trusty notepad, it can be difficult to keep track of everything that takes place during a conversation.

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