Broadband Internet Pricing to be Cut


By: NexTel Australia

September 14, 2019

Broadband Internet Pricing Reduced

Entry level broadband internet prices are set to come down after NBN Co detailed plans to cut prices.

They have said they plan to take 16.80 off the price of entry-level services when a low usage threshold is hit.

In June, NBN Co commenced an industry consultation on its wholesale pricing, indicating it wanted to boost sales of higher speed services along with making NBN services more available to low-income households.

The company has launched another round of consultation, indicating it would rapidly move to reduce wholesale pricing of low-end broadband services.

NBN Co also said it is proposing three new high-speed products:

  • 100/20Mbps bundle that includes 3.75Mbps of CVC at an effective wholesale charge of $58 per month.
  • 250/25Mbps bundle with 4.75Mbps of CVC for $68 per month.
  • 1000/50Mbps bundle with 5.75Mbps of included CVC for $80 per month.

The three charges represent discounts on NBN Co’s current offerings. The $80 charge for 1000/50Mbps represents a $100 cut from the current effective charge.

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