Are there WiFi Office Phones?

wifi office phones

By: NexTel Australia

August 24, 2019

Can You Get a Wifi Office Phones?

With technology absolutely everywhere now, cabling is becoming every more difficult to manage in the office. WiFi has been a great way to connect your computers and mobile devices, but what about WiFI office phones? Well, they’re here now, and many existing handsets can be fitted with WiFi dongles for as little as $50.

When you consider that running a cable to a point in the office can often cost three times as much, WiFi office phones make a lot of sense. If your current handsets cannot use a dongle, replacing them with WiFi office phones will still probably be more cost effective. And you get the added bonus of less wires on your desk!

How WiFi Works

A WiFi network makes use of radio waves to transmit and receive information across a network. A WiFi device includes an adapter that will translate data to a radio signal. This same signal will be transmitted to another device known as the router. Once received, that data will be sent to the Internet through a wired Ethernet connection.

As the wireless router works as a two-way traffic, the data received from the Internet will also pass through the router to be received by your WiFi device’s wireless adapter.

For Wifi Office Phones to Work, You Need a Good WiFi Infrastructure.

Depending on the size of your office, sometimes a single WiFi access point is not enough. So what happens when you need to add another one? It’s not as straightforward as it sounds – WiFi access points need to be installed and configured in such a way that they can share information between themselves and the rest of the network. NexTel are highly experienced when it comes to implementing structured WiFi. As more and more devices in the office become WiFi enabled, a professionally managed, secure installation is becoming ever more necessary.

Of course, all WiFi access points will be connected to the network via cabling, and NexTel have a long history of providing high quality data cabling installations for small, medium and large offices.

What’s Next?

If you would like to find out if you existing system can be adapted for WiFi office phones, or to get your office cabling up to scratch, please get in touch with NexTel.


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