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PSTN (or Basic Access services) are analogue services that run over copper from the telephone exchange (Telstra, Optus or others) to your business premises. In a business connection, these terminate at the MDF (main distribution frame) of your property and are then run from there by copper pairs to either a socket (where you plug in a phone or fax or modem) or to a Patch Panel in a Data Cabinet which then connects to your PABX or phone system. Nextel can help you connect PSTN services as required.

  • Used for phone call and incoming lines
  • PSTN can run by only ADSL 1 or ADSL 2+
  • Fax machine or alarm service can be operated
  • Medical Centre telephone or health services commonly uses PSTN for HiCaps
  • To run Eftpos over PSTN is used frequently.

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