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What is Naked ADSL2?

Naked ADSL2+ is a high speed internet service. The only difference from traditional ADSL2+ is that with the 'Naked' version, you don't have to pay line rental on your landline.

When using Nextel Naked ADSL2+ services, all your business internet and phone needs go through one high-speed broadband line.

Naked DSL services eliminate the need for a copper driven PSTN line which saves you money. They are however limited in distance from the exchange. Check with Nextel today and see if a Naked DSL is right for your home or business

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Difference between Naked DSL and ADSL 2

Naked DSL

  • No line rental - save up to $400 per year!
  • Your landline phone line will no longer be available
  • Optional: move your number to MyNetFone and use VoIP for all your calls instead, just like a regular phone line - subject to coverage
  • Limited coverage


  • Internet delivered over your existing phone line
  • You still pay line rental to your phone provider
  • Optional: use VoIP to save on call costs* alongside your regular landline
  • Excellent coverage
  • Only available on Economy or higher plans

NOTE:  Since Naked ADSL2+ provides much better value by getting rid of line rental, we always offer it as the preferred option. But if Naked ADSL2+ is unavailable in your area, our Coverage Checker will automatically offer you the next best option of regular ADSL/ADSL2+ with the same great value plans (only available on Economy or higher plans).


Nextel ADSL2+ broadband internet delivers superior internet services with benefits like:

  • ADSL2+ broadband speed
  • No need to pay line rental if you have Naked DSL
  • No need to pay line rental if you have Naked DSL


Static IP
Naked ADSL allows to remotely log into your computer. You can setup your own email address with your choice of domain name.

Quality of Service
VoIP traffic is prioritised which provides Crystal clear call quality.

High Speed
ADSL2+ comes with the speed up to 24Mb/second. Allows you to download large files in less time.