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NEXTEL's Mid-Band Ethernet via AAPT, which provides super-fast network access over existing copper infrastructure. It uses multiple copper pairs bonded together into a single Ethernet link that can now support symmetric speeds up to 80Mbps* – providing significantly greater speed and flexibility than traditional DSL connections, without the build costs and lead time of fibre.

In addition, because MBE provides a symmetrical service it provides the equal upload and download speeds increasingly important to businesses and critical for Cloud services.

Mid-Band Ethernet achieves its higher speeds by bonding up to eight copper pairs into an inherently powerful and resilient network connection. Should one or more copper pairs fail the remaining pairs continue to provide connectivity, keeping your business online.

In many cases, high bandwidth fibre is not readily available to your business without large up-front construction costs and a lengthy lead-time. Our Mid-Band Ethernet service leverages the copper infrastructure that is already connected to your business, minimizing connection costs and lead-times.

  • High speed symmetrical network connectivity
  • Increase bandwith requirements
  • Supports all the NEXTEL enterprise-grade managed network product – IP VPN and e-LAN Virtual Private Networking products, SIP Trunk and ISDN voice access products and flagship internet access product – IP-Line.
  • Supports multiple product on our ETA(Ethernet Trunk Access) and EMSA (Ethernet Multi- Service Access)

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Indicative Speeds available
The speed available to any individual premises is dependent on a number of factors*, including the cable distance from the exchange. This table provides an indication of the potential speeds available.

Speed* 80-60Mbps 60-40Mbps 40-20Mbps 20-10Mbps 10-2Mbps
Cable Distance < 0.3Kms < 0.5Kms < 1.1Kms < 2.0Kms < 2.7Kms

Mid-Band Ethernet network access supports all Nextel's enterprise-grade managed network products including:

  • IP VPN and e-LAN Virtual Private Networking products,
  • e-Line Ethernet point to point service,
  • SIP Trunk and
  • ISDN voice access products and flagship internet access product - IP-Line.

Mid-Band Ethernet can support multiple products on our ETA (Ethernet Trunk Access) and EMSA (Ethernet Multi-Service Access) access types. If you already have Mid-Band Ethernet network access any subsequent Nextel product you order can be delivered rationally in reduced time and cost. Ethernet is also easily available as an interface on most Routers and Switches, lowering the cost of the devices you require.