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Fast and Reliable Internet Access for Your Business

Nextel Ethernet Broadband Service is a truly cost effective and reliable Internet service capable of delivering up to 30 Mbps symmetrical speed* with unlimited data.

Quality and Value for Money

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  • Affordable monthly charge from $186(includes GST)
  • Low cost setup fee from $0 (includes GST)
  • 24-month agreement minimum
  • Service Level Agreement

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Item Nextel Ethernet Broadband Service
Static IP Address Yes
Data Unlimited
Upload & Download Speed Up to 10Mbps Symmetrical speed*
Hardware Equipment Network Terminating Unit – 10/100M Ethernet Interface
Router You must provide your own Ethernet Broadband compatible router
Service Level Agreement Yes
Contract Term 24 Months
Technical Support Standard business hour support – optional 24x7 extended support
Business Size 5-50 Employees

NOTE:  Speeds vary based on a range of factors including distance from exchange, availability & quality of copper, electrical interference & customer cabling, RIM or pair gain may limit connection speed. As of 15/05/11, more than 80% of Nextel Ethernet Broadband customers obtained an average connection speed of 10Mbps or more.

Nextel's customer will get same speed for both download and upload

  • Internet access
  • no shaping speed
  • no data quota and no restrictions.
  • Your upload and download speed is up to 10Mbps*, all the way through to the Internet.